Monday, November 01, 2004

What is Sporg?

What is Sporg?
Sporg. It's pronounced exactly like you spell it~Unless you spell it wrong, then you're going to say it wrong and sound stupid.

Sporg first emerged on the University of Toronto campus in 1999, as the brainchild of four senior editors for The Strand newspaper.

The Strand was a solid publication that boasted an illustrious alumni, however, one section always fell short. Sports. Since our sports editor, Marko Mrko (yes, that was his name) had a tendency to spend his time playing the field instead of reporting on it, we were often at the mercy of the neighbouring Athletic Council who would enthusiastically submit their intramural sports standings for publication. In glitter pen. On gigantic slabs of bristol board.

At first, it was cute. Like when a little kid glues macaroni to a cone and calls it a Christmas Tree. But in the end, it's not really a Christmas tree and no one truly cares about macaroni.

So there we were, the four editors, huddled around the latest submission, drunk with journalistic fervor trying desperately to interpret the nuances of glitter when the cold hard truth hit us. Hard.

Glitter wasn't sports. But glitter wasn't news either. It wasn't really anything. I mean, did anyone really care that the Bulgarian exchange students were kicking ass in the MASH tournament as well as the double Dutch skip-offs?

But, we had to publish it. If we didn't, we would be left with 2 gigantic blank pages, which was the equivalent of journalistic suicide.

We couldn't call the material "Sports." Our integrity was on the line. It was 2am and the paper had to be in bed by 3am. We were desperate, delirious and craving the warm touch of a smooth French gigolo.
And so, the Sporg Section was born. Not really sports...not really news...It was...Sporg!

It started as a joke. It evolved into a section. It ended up as a philosophy.

Sporg: the desperate need to publish sundry tidbits of miscellany regardless of its relevance to the majority of readers.

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